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Consider the ant

Proverbs 6:6-11

Go to the ant, you lazybones! Consider its ways, and be wise. 7 It has no chief, overseer or ruler; 8 yet it provides its food in summer and gathers its supplies at harvest-time. 9 Lazybones! How long will you lie there in bed? When will you get up from your sleep? 10 “I’ll just lie here a bit, rest a little longer, just fold my hands for a little more sleep” — 11 and poverty comes marching in on you, scarcity hits you like an invading soldier.

Go to the ant... we have all heard there is a queen ant, but from what I have read, the queen ant is basically used for breeding. The ant is not a leader in the sense of ruling or guiding the rest of the ants. So, verse seven is true when it says, "it has no chief, overseer or ruler..."

The first thought that comes to my mind is, this could be why God did not want the Children of Israel to have a king. We know that God is a jealous God, and that He alone wanted to be their leader, but the Children of Israel begged to have a king on earth. A physical person they could look too. And look where it got them... the kings struggled and led them down wrong paths. The kings did not follow what God wanted them to do, and they landed in a mess.

When we do not follow what God desires, we end in poverty. When we trust HIM to provide, He supplies our needs. We don't need to beg or ask. When we let Him know, He supplies. BUT, He wants us to DO what HE wants us to do. This portion actually uses the words, "Lazybones!" When we are not following what He desires, we lie in bed and don't DO, and yes, we become lazy.

I think that when we have someone overseeing or ruling over us, it can go one of two ways...

  1. People respond and work together to help and move the community forward

  2. People gripe and complain because they don't like how the ruler is handling situations and then nothing gets done

I think that we need to learn how to work together better. We need to have teamwork and community. We were not left alone for a reason. God saw Adam needed Eve. God clearly placed living beings (even the ant) in communities and groups. He did that so we can care for one another. We just all have to do our part. One person slacking and becoming lazy breaks down what can happen.

This is why I struggle with large churches. It is easy to go and sit and not serve. Slip in, slip out. Home communities and smaller fellowships it is much harder. Everyone has to work together to meet needs. Remember, it isn't about following an overseer or ruler, it is about following HIM and what He wants. This means the community must work as a body and function together with all the different parts.

Friends, stop today and ask yourself, "What am I doing in my community to make things better?" Am I seen as a "lazybones" person doing nothing? Or, am I stepping in and helping when I am able? Don't wait for someone to tell you something to do. That isn't what an ant does. An ant KNOWS what to do and gets it done. Hmmm... as I type that I ask myself, "maybe that is what is wrong today... no one knows WHO they are in HIM so they struggle DOING what He wants!" Something else for me to ponder on... Do I KNOW what my part is? And once I do, am I DOING it?

So much to reflect on and consider. Just remember, HE cares for you and WANTS you to have LIFE and life more abundant! That means LISTENING to HIS wisdom and like an ant, doing what HE says.

Love and blessings,


Women Empowerment based on Torah and the Bible


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