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Always try to do GOOD...

I was thinking of the word, “trust” today and then when I saw this verse I decided to use it. Why???? The word trust isn’t even in it!

I Thessalonians 5:15

See that no one repays evil for evil; on the contrary, always try to do good to each other, indeed, to everyone. (CJB)

So often we want to just repay what someone “deserves.” Or what we think they deserve…

Obviously this verse tells us that we are to “always do good to each other.” This is something I try to teach my children. I want them to do “good” even when a sibling isn’t nice to them. I want them to learn early that our responses can move things forward in, or hinder, a relationship.

What does this verse have to do with trust?

We have to TRUST that God knows what He is teaching us in this scenario. That when we do GOOD, God is handling ALL the rest. Not easy to do when our flesh rises up and we just want to react.

God wants us to STOP, focus on HIM, and trust HIM to lead us. When we do GOOD, HE will handle the rest. When we TRUST HIM, HE will take care of everything.


Love and blessings,


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