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Adonai DELIGHTS in you

Proverbs 3:11-12

My son, don’t despise Adonai’s discipline

or resent his reproof;

12 for Adonai corrects those he loves

like a father who delights in his son.

Discipline... We all know it needs to happen. Very few actually enjoy it.

As I read the verses above what I recognized as I read it today, is we need to understand more that our Father DELIGHTS in us. If that is the core of what we understand, than discipline is not as challenging to accept!

Do you REALLY KNOW that Adonai DELIGHTS in you?????

If a father here on earth delights in his son, than when the father needs to discipline the son, there is a mutual understanding why it needs to happen.

If a father does not delight in his son, when the father attempts to discipline the son, there is anger and rebellion.

Our premise with the Father needs to be that He DELIGHTS in us. He created us to LOVE US and take care of us. He gave us teachings to listen to and obey. As we have already seen, IF we do these things, than blessings abound.

When we know that Adonai is disciplining us, we must walk with Him to understand Him. We must LISTEN to those He sends our way. Resentment and anger do not bring understanding. Adonai is going to correct us. We cannot, and must not, run from it. He corrects us because He loves us.

God has moments He is angry, but if we turn to Him in true repentance than He DELIGHTS in us and walks with us. His discipline will be something we receive easier because we KNOW He is doing it because He LOVES us.

Stop today and reflect on how much the Father loves you. I am speaking to myself here... I often forget that He DELIGHTS in me. I forget what LOVE from Him is. My goal is to take time to receive His love and walk in that. Then, I will not despise the discipline when it comes.

Love and blessings,


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