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A mixed up world....

This morning as I wake up and pondering life... I can only wonder how our world got so mixed up. The pain and the hurt from people not knowing who they are. The pain and the hurt from those thinking they know who they are, but treating others with contempt. It's a struggle to truly know HOW to love and what love is.

I turned to my Shabbat Prayer book and found these two writings. May they be an inspiration to you today to find a place of silence. To grasp WHO you are in Him. Then find a way to continue sharing HIS LOVE with those around you.

CREATE a pure heart within me;

let my soul wake up in Your light.

Open me to Your Presence;

flood me with Your holy spirit.

Then I will stand and sing out

the power of Your forgiveness.

I will teach Your love to the lonely;

the lost will find their way home.

Adonai, open up my lips

and my mouth will declare Your praise.

WE REACH for You, our God

from our quiet places.

May we stand still, for a brief moment,

and listen to the rain --

Stand still, for a brief moment,

and watch the play of sunlight and shadow on the leaves,

For a brief moment -- listen to the world.

Let us stop the wheels of every day to be aware of Shabbat.

Find the stillness of the sanctuary which the soul cherished.

Renew the Covenant of an ancient people.

We need a quiet space to test the balance of our days.

The weight of our own deeds

against the heaviness of the world's demands.

The balance is precarious -- steady us with faith:

Quiet places and stillness --

where we will hear our own best impulses speak.

Quiet places and stillness --

from which we will reach out to each other.

We will find strength in silence

and with this strength

we will turn again to Your service.

pg 63 Mishkan T'filah A Reform Siddur

Find a place of silence. Take time to quiet yourself and LISTEN, then share that calm with others. We all need that in this wild and crazy world.

Love and blessings,



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