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A key for the door...

Who is Adonai???

YOU ARE the Open Door

that beckons me in;

peeking around the door frame,

I begin to enter into Your glory.

You move me forward, O Eternal,

to step beyond self-made boundaries:

lift my foot over the threshold

that I might abide with You.

In the house of the Eternal.

Mishkan T'Filah

A Reform Siddur

Page 207

Adonai is beckoning us all to come abide with Him. He wants us to enter into new levels of glory with Him.

I am learning how to leave behind "self-made boundaries" and trusting Him more. It isn't easy. It sometimes means leaving behind thought processes that I have held to for a long time.

Isaiah 22:22

I will place the key of David’s house

on his shoulder;

no one will shut what he opens;

no one will open what he shuts.

God has the keys to open the doors for us to be with Him. We just need to trust that He has everything we need. What He provides may not always be what we want, but HE will help us through that season.

Trust Him today in ways you never have before. It isn't easy. I know... HE rocks your world in order to draw you closer to Him. BUT, as He rocks your world HE is always there and walks with you.

Love and blessings,



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