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An EVERLASTING Covenant...

Today is February 14th and many people are thinking about love. They are sending chocolates, or flowers, or other special gifts to the people they love. I believe this is something we should be thinking about every day. Jesus said we are to, “love your neighbor as yourself.” In order to truly understand this. We must understand that God loves us. This thought took me to the story of Noah and Genesis 9:16

The rainbow will be in the cloud; so that when I look at it, I will remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of any kind on the earth.” (CJB)

God made a covenant with Noah that was “EVERLASTING.” This one will NEVER go away.

God promised that even though people were evil, He would never again destroy the earth and everything on it.

Noah was righteous and God spared him.

When Noah came out of the ark, he built an altar to God and sacrificed some of the clean animals on it. The sacrifice sent a pleasing aroma to God.

At that point, God realized that He never again wanted to destroy all of mankind, so HE promised that to Noah. The word, “everlasting” made it a covenant for ALL of us.

Today, on this day of LOVE, know that GOD LOVES YOU and made a COVENANT with YOU. The rainbow is the symbol that HE is there for you. Remember that every time you see one.

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