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Be still and know...

Today is another Shabbat. This means another verse about rest. I chose not to use a verse with the word rest in it, but a well known verse…

Psalm 46:10

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;

I will be exalted among the nations,

I will be exalted in the earth.” (NIV)


STOP and KNOW that HE is God.

What does it take for YOU to KNOW that He is God? What do you need to do to STOP? What does it really mean to “Be still?”

In the Complete Jewish Bible it says

“Desist, and learn that I am God,

supreme over the nations,

supreme over the earth.” (CJB)

What does the word “desist” mean? The definition on the web is “to cease to proceed or act.” What do you need to STOP doing in order to “KNOW” that HE is God?

So many questions that we can ask ourselves from this one simple verse. To really look at it another way we can read The Passion Translation:

Surrender your anxiety!

Be silent and stop your striving and you will see that I am God.

I am the God above all the nations,

and I will be exalted throughout the whole earth. (TPT)

I love the words “SURRENDER your anxiety!” The next line says, “STOP YOUR STRIVING.”

WHEN we learn to stop… HE will be exalted. We will KNOW that He is SUPREME over the nations. It will be VERY CLEAR that HE is GOD ABOVE ALL!

Many more promises! One simple verse, LOTS to ponder.

Are you ready to STOP/be still/desist/surrender????

Shabbat Shalom… Time to spend KNOWING Him.

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