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Kind and Forgiving...

Psalms… Always a comfort on a long and tiring day. Today my verse came when I clicked on BibleGateway and they had this one as their “verse of the day.” It is always fun to just have one “pop up” when you are tired and not sure what you want to look for…

Psalm 86:5

Adonai, you are kind and forgiving,

full of grace toward all who call on you. (CJB)

I admit to being tired today. Maybe it is the colder weather again (although we have nothing here in Cyprus like the US is facing). Maybe it is a spiritual battle that God is dealing with me about. Maybe it is a mixture of both…

This verse spoke to me when I read it.



Full of Grace

Adonai is His name. He has all of these attributes, we simply have to CALL on HIM.

Have you done that today? Have you cried out His name? Have you placed your TRUST in HIM?

This is something, as I am finding out, that must be done daily.

Chapter 86 is filled with great and wonderful Promises. Take time to read it.

Then CLAIM it. SPEAK it out loud. Tell HIM thank you for being kind. Tell HIM thank you for forgiving you. Tell HIM thank you for extending GRACE.

CALL on HIM! That’s all He requires…

Love and blessings,


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