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Adonai will be his SECURITY...

I had a realization today. A friend on FB (Lonnie Lane - because I am getting ready to quote her), shared this line, “But then I heard the Lord speak to me saying: ‘The Scriptures are not just so you can feel better, but that you know Me better.’”

This line “hit” me a little and made me stop and think. It made me think today that maybe I sometimes “use” the Word of God to just please myself. That is NOT what God wants. God clearly wants us to use the Word to get to KNOW HIM better. When we get to KNOW Him, everything in us should change. We are supposed to be new creations. New habits. New thoughts.

Today I also realized that my FB live videos are not done for others, they are done for me. It doesn’t matter to me how many people listen to them, I find a place to “center” myself when I do them.

All of this led me to choose a verse from Jeremiah 17:7

Blessed is the man who trusts in Adonai;

Adonai will be his security. (CJB)

What does this have to do with everything I wrote above?

We must recognize that we have to TRUST in Adonai in order for HIM to be our SECURITY.

We will be blessed if we choose this route.

TRUSTING God brings security - which for me is peace. I think most of us desire peace. In order to get that, we have to trust.

As we get to KNOW the Lord more, we can TRUST Him more.

As we study the WORD, and center ourselves, we can TRUST Him more.

In that TRUST, we are BLESSED and have SECURITY (peace).

I pray that you can take these words and CLAIM HIS promises as your own. Know that HE is with YOU!

Love and blessings,


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