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Parents BLESS your children...

Today’s verse is from one of the Torah portions last week. Todd and I have talked several times about the Friday night Shabbat blessings that the parents do over their children. Every Friday night there is a blessing for the boys and the girls. Over all the children there is the Aaronic blessing.

We have found that blessing our children weekly, and daily as they need it, encourages and builds our children up. There is power in a parent’s blessing.

Jacob did this over the 12 boys he had and it is recorded in Genesis 49. Today in my FB live I read verse 48:

All these are the twelve tribes of Isra’el, and this is how their father spoke to them and blessed them, giving each his own individual blessing. (CJB)

My encouragement to you this holiday season as you spend time with your children and grand children is to bless them. Pray over them. Speak LIFE into them. This is a great time to start, then you can continue into the new year. Call them once a week. Bless them. You might be surprised the change you see in them…

Love and blessings,


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