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Hidden things...

This morning the Lord woke me up at 4 am. When I woke up and checked the time there was a verse on my Bible App. It was a verse we have heard many times over - Jeremiah 33:3

Call out to me,

and I will answer you —

I will tell you great things,

hidden things of which you are unaware.’” (CJB)

I pondered on this verse as I fell back asleep. I like this version for the last line - “Hidden things of which you are unaware.”

If I cry out to God, HE will give me an answer. HE will help me see things that are hidden. HE will help me know things of which I am unaware.

Sometimes we think that we know everything. Sometimes we think we will only know the great things.

Actually, we need to ask God to reveal to us what is hidden. We need Him to show us the things that are deep.

God will bless us with secrets if we ask.

His Word is clear that He has promises for us. Call out to HIM.

I pray this reminds you today that HE will give you an answer. HE truly is in control of what He wants for us.

Love and blessings,


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