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No one can ever redeem his brother...

As you can probably tell, most of the verses that I use on my FB live videos are taken from either our Torah Time as a family in the morning, or from a verse on my Bible App. Today’s verse was taken from our daily reading of a chapter in Psalms.

Chapter 49 is about money and the wealthy. They won’t be able to take it with them when they die. People think themselves happy, but money does not bring happiness. I think that most of us understand this concept.

The verses that stuck out to me today...

Psalm 49:8-9

No one can ever redeem his brother

or give God a ransom for him ,

because the price for him is too high

(leave the idea completely alone!) (CJB)

Why did I choose these verses?

Sometimes I see people who are trying to redeem, or save, a loved one. They are trying to rescue and buy them happiness or success. Or maybe they are even trying to win them into eternal life.

This verse clearly tells us that NO ONE can redeem a brother. NO ONE can give God a ransom or payment for anyone. The price God expects is too high for anyone to pay it.

ONLY GOD can redeem man.

You can be there to help plant a seed, water the plant, give fertilizer so it can grow… Those are all expected out of us. BUT, the minute we begin to think that we can save someone, or bring him/her to an understanding of God - we have forgotten WHO God is and overstepped our limits.

God expects us to pray that the Holy Spirit will work in a person’s life. God expects us to hold up the arms of a brother or sister who is struggling. God expects us to teach others about His Word.

He NEVER expected us to redeem someone. This verse clearly says that we are to “leave the idea completely alone!”

PRAY. PRAY. PRAY. That is our responsibility. Through the power of prayer the Holy Spirit can work.

Too often we want to get in the way of God. I know I struggle with this. I want an answer and I want it now. I must learn to TRUST GOD that HE knows what HE is doing in a person’s life. It is not easy.

Today, take time to pray for your loved ones who need a fresh touch from God. Then let the Holy Spirit do HIS work.

Love and blessings,


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