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My people are hanging in suspense...

Today in our Daily Torah reading we actually read from Hosea. Many people think that the Torah portion is just about the first five books from the Bible. For the most part it is. However, with every Torah portion there is a “half torah” portion that is also read. This part is from the prophets.

The verse that stuck out to me is Hosea 11:7

My people are hanging in suspense

about returning to me;

and though they call them upwards,

nobody makes a move.

What does this all mean? I read the whole chapter and understand it this way…

The Jews are chosen by God. Along the way, they disobeyed God. Hosea came along and tried to teach them that they needed to turn back to God.

This Word is God speaking back to Hosea. God made it clear that the people were “hanging in suspense.” God wants them to return to Him, but they are choosing not too. They are staying where they are.

“Though they call them upwards” is speaking about the prophets who are trying to call them out of this “hanging in suspense.” The prophets are trying to get the people to wake up and return to the God Who has taken care of them! The prophets are trying to get them to leave the bad and go to the good.

Unfortunately in this case it says that, “nobody makes a move.”

That is sad. Nobody wanted to move. The prophets were trying to get them to move upwards. No one wanted too… What does that say about the state of the people?

What does all of this have to do with us today? I think we need to stop and think about where we are in our thoughts and understandings.

Are we “hanging in suspense” trying to just “make it through”?

Are we doing our best to return to God and truly listen to Him?

Are we listening to the prophets and teachers God has placed in our path, that might be challenging us?

As we listen to them, are we moving upward, or staying stagnant and not making a move?

God, help us listen to you. Help us listen to those YOU place in our path, who might challenge us, but are trying to draw us back to you. Help us to move upward and not “hang in suspense.” We need to stay focused on YOU.

Love and blessings,


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