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We THANK YOU God, and PRAISE Your glorious name! I Chronicles 29:13

Today I was thankful for a verse about GIVING THANKS that is not from Psalms! Don’t get me wrong, I love reading the Psalms. I love understanding from David that in the midst of despair and crud happening around him, he could give thanks. Most of the Psalms end with some form of thanks!

However, it is always nice to read a verse in other books of the Bible, especially those hidden in “odd” places - like the one today from 1 Chronicles. Most people would not think that the book of Chronicles would have a verse like this in it!

I went back and read all of chapter 29. It is definitely a fun one to read. I would encourage you to take time to review it.

This short verse is a challenge to us to give thanks. In the situation David was in when this happened, there was much to give thanks for. As we know, it is easy to give thanks when things are going well.

The challenge is to give thanks when things are not going so well. When the trials come. When sickness hits. When jobs change. When family doesn’t understand. When a loved one dies. The list could go on…

What do we do in those situations?

Well, we REMEMBER the times when God did take care of us. We remember the times when we saw HIS promises answered. This is the time when “looking back” is actually positive.

So often we “look back” and focus on the negative. I know it is easy for me to do this. Remember the bad and think that it can’t get any better…

This short verse also challenges us to PRAISE His glorious name. Not everyone likes to sing, but I do think that humming or singing praises to God can lift our spirits. The type of music we listen too can influence our thoughts. If we are playing music that is focused on people leaving us and the hurt they caused, guess what, that is what our mind is thinking about.

If we play music that is focused on worshiping God, that is where our mind will be taken. It will cause us to think about HIM instead of ourselves.

I’m not saying we can’t listen to other music… Our family enjoys all kinds of different genres. However, we know that we have to focus on HIM at different times throughout the day in order to keep our mind on Him instead of the physical things happening around us. It takes our eyes off of ourselves.

I am thankful for verses that remind me to THANK HIM. This one also reminds me to PRAISE!

Give thanks and praise HIM today! It will lift your spirit!

Love and blessings,


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