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A Tranquil Mind Gives Health...

A Tranquil Mind gives Health… Proverbs 14:30

As many know, it is easy to read through Proverbs in a month. There are 31 Proverbs so one a day! Today I read Proverbs 14 and saw this verse:

A tranquil mind gives health to the body,

but envy rots the bones.

This verse is a strong reminder that what we focus on can help our body, or hurt our body. If we focus on God’s love and what HE has done for us, we will find peace and tranquility which keeps our body healthy.

Stress definitely does not keep us healthy. Stress will harm us and cause sickness and pain. Yet so many live in stress!

This verse is also clear that envy of any sort will rot us. There is no need for us to be envious of anyone or anything. We should not covet. We need to keep short accounts.

Find a way each day to focus on peace in your soul. Find a way to make sure that you keep your mind quiet before Him. Don’t let stress and envy kill…

Love and blessings,


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