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God RESTED from all His work...

Today we enter another Shabbat. Here is a verse about Shabbat. Genesis 2:3

God blessed the seventh day and separated it as holy; because on that day God rested from all his work which he had created, so that it itself could produce. CJB

This verse is a special verse for our family. In 2001 we began our journey of understanding Israel and importance this country and people have in the world today. Part of that journey has brought us to a new outlook on the day God gave us for rest.

From the BEGINNING of time God established the seventh day as HOLY and He RESTED from all His work.

I understand that there are many arguments for changing the day to the first day of the week and that we don’t “live under the law anymore.” I do not want this blog to be about all of that right now. If you want more information, just private message me and I can explain why I do not think the day of the week changed, and how I believe that we are missing extra blessings from the Lord by not celebrating Shabbat.

The most important piece I want to emphasize in this article is REST. If GOD required a day of REST, we, as humans, MUST have a day that we take to stop and REST. Too many of us just plow through every day of the week with too much to do. Too many of us do not take time to vertically connect with the God Who created us. Even on Sunday we do not stop. Church is busy, and we rely on someone else to teach us. That is not all bad, but we do not stop to LISTEN to the Holy Spirit ourselves.

Shabbat is about connecting with God and spending time with Him. Once that connect is made, than we can focus on the horizontal relationships.

I want to challenge you today to find a day to take time and REST with HIM. Spend time thanking Him, listening to Him and just being quiet with Him. Be still and KNOW that HE is God.

Love and blessings,


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