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Be Strong and Have Courage

I have decided to add a blog to go along with the FB live videos that I have been doing. Hopefully I can keep up! Maybe I can add a few details that are not easy to talk about in a short video.

Today my FB live video was based on a verse we read during our morning Bible Time. We like to read a Psalm a day. We have found that these Scriptures are truly Words from God. They often encourage us and bring us HOPE. They are filled with many promises. The Jewish women have prayer books filled with the Psalms.

David went through a lot. He had enemies after him often. I have personally visited the place in the desert where he hid from the people Saul had chasing him. It is one of my favorite places in Israel. En Gedi… a place I hiked when I was 8 months pregnant with our youngest. The peace in this place is amazing.

Today as we read through Psalm 31, the last verse stuck out to all of us. The children even commented that they loved the last verse.

Be strong, and fill your hearts with courage,

all of you who hope in Adonai.

This verse should fill us with HOPE. If we truly trust God with all our HEART, SOUL, and MIND - we should have no problem being strong or having courage.

More often than not, we become discouraged and filled with fear. We easily forget that God promised to be with us in ALL things.

Today, let this verse bring peace to your life. If you truly HOPE in Adonai - YOU can stand STRONG and find COURAGE. We just have to keep our HOPE in the ONE who created us.

Love and blessings to you! Be filled with HIS peace…


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