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Moses and Chemistry

I’ve been reading a book called, “The Chemistry of the Blood.” It was written by an MD (doctor) named M. R. DeHaan, and was first copyrighted in 1943. There is some interesting information in it.

Today I read about the golden calf and what Moses did with it. Considering that we are in Deuteronomy and the retelling as we go through the Torah, I thought this kind of fits in. All of the points below are taken from Chapter 3 of the book. Moses had 6 steps with the calf: 1. He melted it (burning it got rid of imperfections) 2. He stamped it - pounded it down to make it thin 3. He ground it 4. He ground it again - all of this turned it into dust 5. He put it into the brook 6. He made the children of Israel drink it I’ve always wondered why Moses made them drink it, but today I learned the representation of it and how Moses knew chemistry! We know that there are three types of mixtures according to chemistry: Mechanical mixture: If metallic gold is put in water there is no solution. Nothing happens. Gold remains the same. A suspension or emulsion: finely divided particles of a metallic substance may, by the addition of another chemical, be suspended in water. But there is no solution. It does not actually mix together. A Chemical solution occurs when sugar dissolves in water and actually becomes part of the water. This is a solution. Here’s the cool part: When gold is made into a very fine powder, it actually mixes with water and a solution occurs. When Moses ground the gold so fine that it became dust, and he mixed it with the water - the water became blood red in color. Gold dust, mixed with water, makes the water red. It is completely non-toxic because the imperfections have been burned out. It would have purifying qualities to it. So, when the children of Israel drank the “blood -red water” it was representation of the blood covenant God had with them. It was their redemption for building the calf. God always has a plan, and His plan includes His blood redemption. We know how that happened with Jesus, but it’s cool to see how it happened in other ways too. And, it’s neat to see how chemistry actually is in the Word of God in ways we don’t always see (and need an expert to point out). Thankful we can walk in HIS freedom because of the blood of the Lamb.

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