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Learning to stay in touch...

Hello friends,

As you can see, I do not post many blogs. I have another blog site that I have posted a few things on and am going to do my best to transfer them over to this one. I usually blog only when the Spirit lays something on my heart. Many times I have something in my mind, but don't have time to actually write it down. Other times I get something witten and then do not publish it! I am learning that I must begin to be more faithful in staying in touch. Maybe, hopefully this can happen in the year 5777???!!!

Life can get quite interesting at times. Some days it is easier to just move on and press forward than it is to communicate all that is happening. I only want to share encouraging words to press us all forward into the Word of God.

May His peace surround you and may you always find comfort in the Holy Spirit. If you have any questions, or would like to inquire about a retreat, please email me:



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