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The name of Adonai...

The name of Adonai is a strong tower;

a righteous person runs to it and is raised high [above danger].

This verse is probably common and well known for most of you. Some of you might know it as a song. It is from Proverbs 18:10. This version is the Complete Jewish Bible.

Why did I choose this? Because we always need a reminder that God is our strong tower.

We quickly forget that all we have to do is say HIS name.







You are not using His name in vain when you are calling on Him for strength or when you are crying out to Him for help. He WANTS you to do this. He WANTS us to rely on HIM to be our STRENGTH.

When you turn to Him and cry out HIS name, you are RAISED HIGH, ABOVE DANGER! You are lifted from the circumstances surrounding you, and you are now in HIS HANDS.

Today, CALL HIS NAME. HE is your strong tower. HE will hold you up. He will not move.

Claim it. It is YOUR AUTHORITY today.

Love and blessings,


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