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I realize that I have not written in a while. My thoughts have been all over. Trying to read new books. Trying to continue to ask questions. And this time of year... all of it is hard for me.

I've said this before - Easter is challenging for me.

It doesn't work for me. I believe in the fundamentals of what is celebrated - the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. i just wish it was done during the celebration of Passover. I am thankful that once again this year I can celebrate this amazing holiday with new friends. I am thankful that it will be a time of learning and growing for all of us.

Friends... I'm reading a book that I wish I could share with you, but just can't go there right now. It is a book that would probably shock some of you. And yet... it is enlightening and has a lot of Truth in it. LIFE experiences that we should learn from.

As you can tell, I'm scattered. I haven't lost my senses. I'm just not afraid to step out. I have always tried to reach deep and ask hard questions. That's what landed me in Israel. That's what took me out of religion into a deeper personal relationship with my Creator.

As I sit here listening to worship music about crying out to HIM and resting in HIS embrace, I am thankful for His LOVE that reaches me when I need it most.

This desire in me to share HIS love with ALL those around me is still very real. I want to help others embrace themselves and HIM in new ways. I want them to walk in HIS confidence and FREEDOM!

Passover starts Wednesday night the 5th. Take the time to celebrate HIS FREEDOM and Passover from the old to the new. Be thankful for HIS blessings and PROMISES. Search for them. Get rid of the leaven and sin and embrace the LOVE that HE shed for YOU. For those of you who have celebrated Passover, you will understand why I chose matzah for the picture. It truly is a picture of Who HE is.

Father open us ALL to YOUR HOPE!

Love and blessings,



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