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I lie down and SLEEP...

Today is Shabbat!!! We have another opportunity to REST and spend time with HIM. I like to find verses about rest on Fridays. Many are in Psalm. Today is no exception.

Psalm 3:6 (verse 5 in many translations)

I lie down and sleep, then wake up again,

because Adonai sustains me. (CJB)

This verse does not have the word “rest” in it, but when we stop to think about “I lie down and sleep” this cannot happen without REST.

If you read the whole chapter, you quickly understand that David was running from his son and for his life. He had enemies pursuing him and he thought he was going to die. This verse comes in the middle of his thoughts about all that was happening.

David clearly recognized that Adonai was in charge. It was Adonai who kept him alive. He knew that it was only his God that could give him the ability to sleep in the middle of the storm around him.

In verse 9 (verse 8 in many translations) it says:

Victory comes from Adonai;

may your blessing rest on your people. (CJB)

This is a different kind of rest, but still brings peace to the spirit. VICTORY rest. When the battle is over Adonai has a REST for His people.

His blessings bring rest. His victory brings rest.

My suggestion is that you read the whole chapter and then stop and think about whatever it is that you are going through and know that GOD has everything under control so that you can REST.

Shabbat Shalom Friends… Find time to leave the troubles behind, lie down and SLEEP knowing that it is Adonai who sustains and blesses you. HE brings REST!

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