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How do you know...?

The sun is shining so beautifully this morning. I LOVE when it comes out and brightens the day. Yep, it's still cold, however that doesn't matter too much when the sun is out.

I've allowed the morning to be a little upsetting and I have to work through that. I decided to get on FB (a mistake I realize now) and scrolled through and several posts frustrated me. People misunderstanding things in the Bible because the translations over the years have messed things up for us. People not wanting to understand the roots of the their faith and believing that, "oh - maybe people got things wrong" is disappointing for me. Some may say, "Oh, it's okay. They love Jesus and that's all that matters." To a certain degree, yes. However, these same people will judge others for choices they make and not allow them to "love Jesus" as they are. Where does one draw the line with all of it?

That is my struggle... I'm not out to judge anyone as we ALL have a lot to learn. What I don't like is when people think they are "too old" to learn, or "well, this is the way it has always been taught so..." Maybe you were taught wrong??? For some reason people don't want to believe that MAYBE they were taught incorrectly.

Now realize, I also know that those who dig into the Jewish Roots of our faith get things wrong too. I am NOT saying they have everything right. No one should say they have all the answers. There are, however, some ways to look at things that are definitely closer to the Truth than others.

The one that triggered me this morning had to do with Adam and Eve and the "apple" they supposedly ate. Really????? No where does it say this tree that Adam and Eve were forbidden to eat from was an apple tree. There is NOTHING to hint at that. So, to then make the analogy that we are carrying around phones and using computers that have an apple on them and since that was the "forbidden fruit" we are now using something forbidden... ??? I'm sorry, but that is just frustrating.

I get it, technology is addicting and to be honest, most of it I don't like. I say it across the board, not just for devices that have an "apple" on them. Technology needs to be watched in all forms.

So, how do we "know?" Honestly... in this day and age it is challenging to find the Truth. Because of technology there is so much information available that Truth is hard to find. It means seeking God and asking Him DAILY what He wants us to know and understand. It means being OPEN to different thoughts and ideas because MAYBE we were taught incorrectly.

No one should feel as if they are dumb. God has us all on a journey. We are all learning and growing.

The one challenge I would leave you with though - definitely try to get to an understanding of your Jewish Roots and history. God established the Jewish/Hebrew people. Jesus was Jewish. There needs to be a desire within all of us to gain knowledge about that history, especially if we say we believe the Bible.

Okay - enough preaching. I need to get off my soap box and try to enjoy the day. I am going to breath through all this and let go of what I shouldn't let frustrate me and try to enjoy Shabbat!!!

Shabbat Shalom friends!



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