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Even when they SLEEP!

We have reached another Shabbat and my verse is again about REST! This verse actually uses the word, “sleep,” but it is the idea of STOPPING.

Psalm 127:2

In vain do you get up early

and put off going to bed,

working hard to earn a living;

for he provides for his beloved,

even when they sleep. (CJB)

So many in today’s world work non-stop. They believe that in order to get ahead and to achieve something they must always be working. There is truth in the fact that hard-workers accomplish more. There is truth that we must be like the ants and keep up our home. There is truth that lazy people do not succeed.

Like everything though, one must BALANCE work with rest. There is a sense that sometimes we do get up early “in vain” in order to work for something we don’t really need. There are times when we put off going to bed because we are “working” too hard and trying to “move ahead.”

God takes care of HIS people. God loves to provide for HIS people. This verse tells us that HE provides for us EVEN WHEN WE SLEEP! Like newborns, we can TRUST that HE knows our needs and will take care of us.

Today, realize that Shabbat is given for a reason. Shabbat is there for us to REST. Shabbat is there for us to SLEEP and re-focus our energies on HIM and who HE is for us.

Work hard, but don’t work so hard that you lose focus of your Creator. Work hard, but work for HIM and let HIM take care of you.

Shabbat Shalom,


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