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Deep is calling to deep...

This verse showed up on Biblegateway when I opened the website today. An amazing verse.

Psalm 42:8

Deep is calling to deep at the thunder of your waterfalls; all your surging rapids and waves are sweeping over me. (CJB)

Let’s stop and think about water. I love being cleansed and knowing I am clean. This verse takes it to a DEEP level.

Deep is calling to deep.

Waterfalls… I love the sound of the rushing water. I could sit by one for hours.

I don’t know where David was when he wrote this verse, but having been to En Gedi and the water fall there, and knowing that when the winter rains first come to the desert where David was hiding, I can easily see him knowing how surging the rapids and waves could be. Those waters can kill, but they can also be refreshing.

Deep. Are you ready to go deep? Are you ready to let God’s love just WASH over you? Are you ready for the surging rapids and waves?

Let’s stop and take time to let HIM wash us clean. Let’s take time to let HIM take us into the deep. I’m ready for the thunder of waterfalls, the surging rapids and waves sweeping over me. Are you going to join?

Love and blessings,


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