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Adonai is my LIGHT...

This verse was on the calendar today and is a great reminder for all of us about WHO God is. It is a strong statement about the attributes of Adonai.

Psalm 27:1

Adonai is my light and salvation;

whom do I need to fear?

Adonai is the stronghold of my life;

of whom should I be afraid? (CJB)

A favorite verse of mine, this should encourage us to HOLD on to God. HE gives LIGHT. HE gives salvation. Because of HIM we have NOTHING to fear.

Our Creator is a STRONGHOLD. See Him as a ROCK. See Him as a ROPE to hold onto. He truly is a solid foundation.

We have NO reason to be afraid. Yes, the struggles of earth are real. Yes, we have stress in the natural realm. Spiritually, we have nothing to be afraid of.

This is a verse we MUST claim and use often to combat the thoughts of the enemy.

LIGHT expels darkness, so when we KNOW and SPEAK that Adonai is LIGHT - we get rid of the enemy.

Claim this today. SHOUT it out today. NO FEAR.

Love and blessings,


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