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Friday night I helped host a Shabbat dinner. My son organized it with four friends. Last month we hosted a Shabbat dinner for a family from the girls' school. We decided that we would put a dinner up on the school auction and host for whoever purchased it.

I realized yesterday that I miss Shabbat... Shabbat is not easy to do in the US. The pressure of needing to get things done, events, and work get in the way.

To be honest though, I feel that things are changing around the world and it is more difficult everywhere. I truly believe it is the enemy's way of dragging us down. The more exhausted and stressed we are the less we can focus on WHO we are and WHO He is.

God created the 7th day for a reason. God specifically designed a day to chill and enjoy ALL that He created. And the dinner that was designed around that time has so much to teach us. Did you know there is an understanding of how we are the Bride, a feast at a table, and bread and wine? There are so many symbols and significance in the evening together.

If you are local in the Goshen area, let me know if you want to experience a Shabbat dinner. Finding an evening to do one might be challenging, but I'm definitely willing to try and I always say - it will happen when it is supposed too.

O God, You are as near as

the very air we breathe,

yet farther than the farthermost star.

We yearn to reach You.

We seek the light and warmth of Your Presence.

Though we say You are near,

we are lonely and alone.

O let our desire be so strong

that it will tear the veil that keeps You from our sight!

Let Your light release our darkness,

and reveal the glory and joy of Your Presence.

Mishkan T'Filah

A Reform Siddur

page 345

Lord, help us yearn for you more each day.

Love and blessings,



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