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It's been a while since I have written. Life has a way of getting crazy busy. Then the rains hit and the skies are dreary. Motivation lost when one is tired. Hard to write. Not an excuse. But, unfortunately reality.

So, do we live in reality? Or do we rise above? Some days it is easier to do than others. Some days I want to just stay in bed and it is a fight to get up. Inflation. Drama. Life just isn't fun...

And then, I realize that life is always going to have these moments. I see some sunshine on the horizon. I focus on the moment in front of me and not the rat race happening around me. Days that help me with this are known to me as


I know that Shabbat is always a controversial subject. All I know is, the times I felt the best in my life were when I lived in Israel and celebrated this day every week. Time to stop, refocus and rest. That is what I am doing this morning.

Psalms 92-93

Adonai is sovereign,

God is robed in grandeur;

Adonai is robed,

God is girded with strength.

The world stands firm;

it cannot be shaken.

Your throne stands firm from of old;

from eternity You have existed.

The ocean sounds, Adonai,

the ocean sounds its thunder,

the ocean sounds its pounding.

Above the thunder of the mighty waters,

more majestic than the breakers of the sea

is Adonai, majestic on high.

Your decrees are indeed enduring;

holiness befits Your house,

Adonai, for all times.

This was taken from Mishkan T'Filah A Reform Siddur page 23

O God, You Are as near as

the very air we breathe,

yet farther than the farthermost star.

We yearn to reach You.

We seek the light and warmth of Your Presence.

Though we say You are near,

we are lonely and alone.

O let our desire be so strong

that it will tear the veil that keeps Your from our sight!

Let Your light release our darkness

and reveal the glory and joy of Your Presence.

As the fish gives himself to the sea,

as the bird gives herself to the air,

so may we give ourselves to You.

Mishkan T'Filah A Reform Siddur page 125

Take time to rest and seek HIM today friends. Find HIM in the middle of the chaos. Take time to FOCUS on the beauty He has given us!

Shabbat Shalom,



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