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Missed Opportunity...

I missed writing about Sukkot. Life last weekend, when it started, was crazy busy. Still trying to figure out how to write when there is lots going on...

Sukkot is a wonderful time of year. Remembering that God is WITH us and we now have Him written on our hearts. He took care of us in the wilderness. He wants to tabernacle with us.

I have now, in my heart and mind, also celebrated the birth of Christ. This is the time of year He would have been born. Do we know the day? No. Do we need to? No.

God has given us times and seasons. Humans have messed them up along the way. We make decisions. We make choices. We have messed up those moments that God created.

We cannot blame God for the mess this world is in. We have done things for our own selfish good. We have decided to remove His plan from our schedules. That means missed opportunities for Him to meet us.

I am speaking to myself. I have better choices I can make. I want to make the most of the time He has given me and not miss opportunities for me to see Him present in what I do.

HE is ALWAYS there. I move. I get busy. I lose focus. When I return to HIM and HIS plan, then there is peace.

So, today is Shabbat. Tonight at sundown Simchat Torah begins. This is a time of rejoicing and celebrating the WORDS He gave in the Torah. The scroll is re-rolled to go back to the beginning. The weekly Torah portions start over with Genesis 1:1.

Friends, today is a day to BEGIN new. It is a time to rejoice that HE wants a relationship with us.

Don't miss another opportunity to be with Him...

Shabbat Shalom.



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