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Man does not live on bread alone...

Another Friday and Shabbat has arrived… As you have already observed, I usually try to do a verse about REST. Today, I chose a verse that is a bit different.

Matthew 4:4

But he answered, “The Tanakh says,

‘Man does not live on bread alone,

but on every word that comes from the mouth of Adonai’” (CJB)

Why would I choose a verse about bread?

On Friday evenings we eat bread. It is a special braided bread. We know, and understand, that this bread represents the body of Christ and reminds us of all that He did.

The statement Jesus made tells us that He is ALL we need. Friday nights, as we eat together, it is a reminder that HE is ALL we need.

HIS Words are supposed to be what sustains us. I know that on Friday and Saturday, when I spend time focused on HIM, HIS Words are what bring me peace, promises, and hope.

The Tanakh, as a reminder, is what we know as the Old Testament. The “T” stands for Torah, which are the teachings. The “N” is for “Nevi-im, which means prophets. The “K” is for the Ketuvim, which is the writings.

When Jesus spoke these Words, He was referring to the teachings that are throughout the “Old Testament.” So often we dismiss these teachings as outdated and unneeded. We need to stop and realize that if Jesus is speaking of them, they ARE important.

Most of us acknowledge that the WORDS Jesus spoke are important and valuable, but now it is time to realize that MANY of them are from the Old Testament.

Today, take the time to realize that HE is our rest. HE has the PROMISES we are looking for. When we go beyond the bread, and into the deep places, then we find peace and rest.

Shabbat Shalom,


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