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Find His Peace in Troubling Times

Matthew 24:23-31

23 “At that time, if someone says to you, ‘Look! Here’s the Messiah!’ or, ‘There he is!’ don’t believe him. 24 For there will appear false Messiahs and false prophets performing great miracles — amazing things! — so as to fool even the chosen, if possible. 25 There! I have told you in advance! 26 So if people say to you, ‘Listen! He’s out in the desert!’ don’t go; or, ‘Look! He’s hidden away in a secret room!’ don’t believe it. 27 For when the Son of Man does come, it will be like lightning that flashes out of the east and fills the sky to the western horizon. 28 Wherever there’s a dead body, that’s where you find the vultures.

29 “But immediately following the trouble of those times,

the sun will grow dark, the moon will stop shining, the stars will fall from the sky, and the powers in heaven will be shaken.

30 “Then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, all the tribes of the Land will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with tremendous power and glory. 31 He will send out his angels with a great shofar;[g] and they will gather together his chosen people from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.

Troubling times... False prophets... Dead bodies... Not exciting times for sure.

But, it says that after the trouble of those times, the Son of Man will appear. However, even when the Son of Man does come the sun will grow dark, moon stop shining...

HE will come in Power and Glory. HE will gather His chosen people. All I can say is, I am thankful for His Promises.

Once again I want to look at how He quoted the Prophets.

Isaiah 13:10

For the stars, the constellations in the sky,

will no longer give their light;

the sun will be dark when it rises;

and the moon will no longer shine.

Ezekiel 32:7

When I extinguish you, I will cover the sky

and make its stars black;

I will cover the sun with a cloud,

and the moon will not give its light.

Joel 2:10

At their advance the earth quakes,

and the sky shakes,

the sun and moon turn black,

and the stars stop shining.

Haggai 2:6

For this is what Adonai-Tzva’ot says: “It won’t be long before one more time I will shake the heavens and the earth, the sea and the dry land;

Haggai 2:21

“Tell Z’rubavel, governor of Y’hudah, ‘I will shake the heavens and the earth,

The tribes will mourn:

Zechariah 12:10–14

10 and I will pour out on the house of David and on those living in Yerushalayim a spirit of grace and prayer; and they will look to me, whom they pierced.”

They will mourn for him as one mourns for an only son; they will be in bitterness on his behalf like the bitterness for a firstborn son. 11 When that day comes, there will be great mourning in Yerushalayim, mourning like that for Hadad-Rimmon in the Megiddo Valley. 12 Then the land will mourn, each family by itself — the family of the house of David by itself, and their wives by themselves; the family of the house of Natan by itself, and their wives by themselves; 13 the family of the house of Levi by itself, and their wives by themselves; the family of the Shim‘i by itself, and their wives by themselves; 14 all the remaining families, each by itself, and their wives by themselves.

The Son of Man will have power and glory:

Daniel 7:13–14

13 “I kept watching the night visions,

when I saw, coming with the clouds of heaven,

someone like a son of man.

He approached the Ancient One

and was led into his presence.

14 To him was given rulership,

glory and a kingdom,

so that all peoples, nations and languages

should serve him.

His rulership is an eternal rulership

that will not pass away;

and his kingdom is one

that will never be destroyed.

A great shofar:

Isaiah 27:13

On that day a great shofar will sound.

Those lost in the land of Ashur will come,

also those scattered through the land of Egypt;

and they will worship Adonai

on the holy mountain in Yerushalayim.

A great shofar... This is always something blown on the High Holy Day of Rosh Hashanah. Something to consider when we think about the "season of His return..."

God is going to send His Son to return to earth. There are LOTS of prophecies being thrown around right now. My advice is, just prepare your heart to meet Him. I wrote this to a friend a couple weeks ago. May it be a blessing to you in these days:

People panic and get in a frenzy about prophetic words. That isn't what God wants. I do know time is getting shorter. With all that is happening it must be.

But, God wants us to be reasonable in our responses. He still wants us to be balanced and take of ourselves. We don't need to panic because God knows the plan. We just have to be ready at all times. Don't be so attached to life here that you aren't ready to be with Him. And, share His love with those you meet.

It's the enemy that wants to get us in a tizzy and out of control. When you feel anxious, find a way to praise Him. Simple words, outloud if you can, giving thanks, or listening to music. Take a deep breath in and find His peace.

This is a bit longer than usual. I just want you to experience peace. Find His peace in these trying times.

Love and blessings,


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