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Common Sense

Proverbs 3:21-24

My son, don’t let these slip from your sight;

preserve common sense and discretion;

22 they will be life for your being

and grace for your neck.

23 Then you will walk your way securely,

without hurting your foot.

24 When you lie down, you will not be afraid;

when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.

Don't let "these..." What are 'these"?

  • Common Sense

  • Discretion

These two items will bring security. If you use common sense and discretion you will not have to be afraid when you lie down and you sleep will be sweet.

I love a good nights sleep. I appreciate when I can "let go of worry" and just rest. As a mom, it isn't easy to do. I get caught up in thinking about what is best for my children. I get caught in wondering what else I need to do. And, when I'm thinking about all that, and want to take care of myself, than I wonder what else I need to do for me! What a cycle...

According to these verses, all I need to use is "common sense." It really is something we should all use a bit more. IF we stop and think about how we respond to others, sometimes all we needed was just a bit more "common sense."

Discretion is another piece missing today. So many people do not think through what they say or do and just flippantly respond to a situation. Their actions cause problems. Not just for them, but for others as well. How someone speaks to someone, how someone cares for someone... using discretion when responding to those around us is key.

Friends, don't be the cause of lack of sleep or stumbling along the path and hurting yourself. STOP and think about what you are doing before you actually do it. STOP and think about what you will say before you actually say it. Using common sense and discretion is being wise. It is using a wisdom that comes from above. Your Father KNEW you needed them, so He created you to receive them. BELIEVE in yourself and walk in that authority and WISDOM!

Love and blessings,


Women Empowerment based on Torah and the Bible.


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