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Adonai KNEW!

Proverbs 3:19-20

Adonai by wisdom founded the earth,

by understanding he established the heavens,

20 by his knowledge the deep [springs] burst open

and the dew condenses from the sky.

What a treasure to find these verses today. Adonai founded the earth by WISDOM. That means He THOUGHT THROUGH what He was doing when He created it! Most wise people give thought to their next step. If Adonai showed wisdom, that means He CARES and WANTED to found the earth!

He used UNDERSTANDING to establish the heavens.

His KNOWLEDGE causes the deep springs to burst open.

Friends, what an amazing TRUTH for us to find LIFE in! HE KNEW what He wanted to create!

Adonai knew He wanted to create something NEW and the earth was formed. Then, every detail was put into place. Every tiny micro organism was given a responsibility. This should bring us comfort as we walk through this crazy life. We might not understand everything happening, but HE does and when we TRUST Him, He will lead and guide us with His wisdom.

Love and blessings,


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